Class Levels and Descriptions

Level 1

Get out of your head and onto your mat! This level 1 flow is a beginner friendly class. Teaching you all about alignment, names of poses, and guiding you at a gentle pace.

-This class is also available heated.
-75 minute class

All Levels

Ready to pick up the pace?! This class is good for the level one student all the way up to advanced practitioners. Modifications will be offered to beginners and advanced options for those who want the extra challenge.

-Not for first time students
-Class also available heated
-75 min

Level 2/3

Its time to move! A strong fast-paced class designed to challenge those who already have a consistent practice. Advanced options offered, but are never mandatory.

-Not for first time students
-Class also offered heated
-75 min

Lunch Flow

Lunch Flow is for our downtown business people or if you just want to take a quick class. This is a 50 minute class so you can get back to work on time. Also non heated so you don’t leave sweaty!

-All levels
-50 min


A singing and music-making experience from ancient India, and a key aspect of Bhakti-yoga, the yoga of devotion. In a group setting, chant ancient Sanskrit mantras to quiet the mind and help connect to the soul. Feel free to chant, or simply listen and absorb the mantras.