Q: What is yoga?
A: Today, yoga is used mainly to describe a form of exercise that blends strengthening, stretching, and mindfulness. Originally, yoga is the ancient wisdom that a living entity is not simply material or chemical, but also comprised of spirit.

Q: How is Yoga108 different than every other yoga studio?
A: At Yoga108, we don’t slack on physicality OR philosophy. All of our teachers have serious backgrounds in yoga asana (movement/tecnique), and we are connected to a lineage of serious yoga scholars. However, students are free to come and take what they need, whether that’s physical, spiritual, or both.

Q: I’m new to yoga, what do I do?
A: Please arrive at the studio 15 minutes prior to class, and we will get you familiar with the space, practice, and your instructor. If you have a yoga mat and towel, bring them. If not, don’t worry, you can rent both at the studio. Wear comfortable clothing suitable for exercise, as if you were going to the gym. Out of respect for other students, we kindly ask that students do not wear bathing suits to practice in. In terms of which class to start out with: for first-time students, we recommend Flow 1.

Q: Where do I park?
A: Easy. The Parking garage is located half a block west of Yoga108. First 2 hours no charge! Parking structure is a short walk on the north side of 3 rd , 5 th & 6 th St between Long Beach Blvd and Pine St. Metered parking also available for your convenience. More info Here.

Q: I’m not new to yoga, but I’m new to Yoga108. Which class should I take?
A: All-Levels Flow or Flow 2/3 would be great choices.

Q: Why are the classes heated? What kind of heat?
Our classes are heated with special radiant (infrared) heat. Often studios have systems that heat up the air, so the yoga classroom feels sweltering and humid. In contrast, radiant heat warms up objects, and feels more like gentle sun radiating on you as you practice. Radiant heat improves circulation, relaxes muscles/provides pain relief, and helps the body flush out toxins.

Q: I don’t like the heat. What should I do?
We get it. Take our non-heated classes, at room temperature (about 78 degrees). On our schedule, these classes will NOT have a + sign.